Gifting is an art. When we give gifts, they should hold a special meaning for the receiver. So, how can you ensure your gift stands out in a time of factory-made repetitiveness? The answer is simple—with handicraft items. They can add a whole new dimension to gifting! 

Handcrafted items make for exclusive gifting options. Gifting a handicraft item makes you appear thoughtful, something that can never be achieved by commercially made items. 

In the digital era, markets have shifted online. With handicraft items readily available on the web, you can now send gifts to your near and dear ones across the globe. Read on to learn more about this rising trend of gifting handicraft items. 

Indian handicrafts – Why they make good gifting items 

Giving gifts is a unique way of showing someone that you care. But when that gift is handmade, it becomes even more meaningful. Indian handicrafts are renowned the world over for their exquisiteness. Using handicraft items made in India for gift-giving has become increasingly popular. The intricate work and design diversity have made Indian handicraft items a popular commodity. 

Let us see the reasons that make gifting handicraft items the right choice: 

Feeling cherished—When people receive handicraft items as gifts, they often feel appreciated and valued. No ordinary object can convey the same feeling. 

Indian traditional craftsmanship – India is a land of ancient traditions. Indian artistry has stood the test of time, resulting in some startling pieces of work.  

Diversity of choice—Indian handicraft items are as diverse as their cultural heritage. Whether you are looking for items for home decor or personal use, there is a choice of handicraft items available for each. The handicraft items are available in many materials, such as wood and brass.

Supporting local artisans—Buying handicraft items helps to keep age-old traditional art alive. It provides local artisans with sustenance and economic stability. They also help small businesses thrive. It commemorates the artists who have spent generations perfecting a particular handicraft form. 

Eco-friendly— All handicrafts are made using natural raw materials, making them environmentally sustainable and hardy. When you gift a handicraft item, you do your bit to preserve the environment. 

Shopping for Handicraft items online

Over time, there has been a gradual but continual shift from offline retail shopping to buying gifts online. At Lali’s Kart, we offer you a vibrant variety of pieces of art to choose from. The benefits of purchasing handicraft items online are many: 

Unlimited variety—Kart offers a limitless variety of handicraft items in patterns and prices online. You will also find creative variants of the items you are searching for. Whether you want gifting options for a wedding or a housewarming party, we have a suitable handicraft item at Lali’sKart. 

Convenience—Shopping for handicraft items online allows you to browse through a comprehensive collection. You can place your orders from the comfort of your home at the most suitable time. You will receive all the items at your doorstep without having to leave your home. 

Authentic products—At Lali’sKart, we offer only genuine and organically sourced handicraft items. Each of our products comes with a detailed description, including its place of origin and the raw materials used, along with high-definition photographs. We also offer guidance about how to use the products so that you can make an informed opinion. 

Steps to buying handicraft items for online gifting at Lali’s Kart

  1. Visit and register yourself with us by creating your account. This will help you to view your previous orders and keep track of your current ones. 
  2. Browse through our various categories, like our Handicraft section. We also have a specific segment for gifting, where you will find items according to the occasion. 
  3. Select the handicraft items you like. 
  4. After shortlisting your choices in the cart, proceed to the payment gateway. We accept various transaction methods, including credit cards and popular online platforms. 
  5. Once your order is confirmed, you can sit back and relax. Your gift will be delivered to the address you provided when you checked out. Our delivery services currently extend to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada. 
  6. We offer an easy return/ refund policy in the rare event that you find our products unsatisfactory. Contact us within seven days of receiving your order, and our customer care team will guide you through the process. 

Indian handicraft items are renowned worldwide for their originality and intricate attention to detail. Each piece is unique and shows India’s diverse and rich culture. Skilled artisans make these handicraft items using age-old traditional methods. Since they are handcrafted, no two pieces are alike. They make the ideal gifting option if you are looking for a special gift. These handicraft items are long-lasting, and your gift will last very long. Choose from our collection of home decor and handicraft items. Visit us at

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