A home is an oasis one returns to after a tiring day. Home decor is more than just arranging artefacts in a particular layout. A home’s interior speaks about the person who stays in it. 

Are you a homeowner looking to redecorate? Stay updated with the latest trends in the interior design scene—home decor with Indian handicrafts and handmade decor items. This style offers the perfect blend of tradition with contemporary design. Explore a new way to bring positive vibes into your homes with handmade home decor items.

From intricate artefacts to flawlessly crafted unique furniture pieces, Lali’s Kart offers items that are not just home decor but also signature pieces. Watch them spark conversations and turn heads the next time people come over.

Using handicraft items for home decor

The allure of Indian handicrafts is undeniable. Only those with a penchant for standing out in a crowd understand the true appeal of a handmade home decor item unmatched by mass-produced goods. Here are some reasons why handmade home decor items are the latest rage – 

They are unique. Handcrafted home decor items signify individuality and craftsmanship. Each item on Lali’s Kart has intricate designs and patterns. 

Reflection of Indian culture – India’s cultural heritage offers a rich taste of handicrafts that have been a part of its history for centuries. The artistic traditions in India are as diverse as the country itself. 

Traditional handicrafts that blend with contemporary interior design –  The Indian handicraft and home decor items offered on Lali’s Kart can complement any interior design in your home. These handmade home decor items are as versatile in their use as they are in their appearance. Whether your home’s decor is minimalistic or bohemian, our handmade home decor items blend seamlessly with any interior design. Let your home be a true reflection of your personality and style with our home decor items.

They support local artists and brands—Our handicraft items are authentic. Each item is handcrafted by skilled artisans from India, making it truly unique. Since they are all handmade, all pieces are one of a kind. When you buy home decor items from Lali’s Kart, you upgrade your home and support local Indian artisans and ethical brands. Your purchase goes a long way in preserving traditional art and being socially responsible.

They are eco-friendly—Are you looking for environmentally friendly home decor items? Our handmade home decor items are the perfect choice. They use natural raw materials that have been locally and ethically sourced. As awareness about environmental preservation grows, more homeowners are choosing decor items that are both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. 

Handicraft items you can use as home decor 

Brass Figurines—Brass is considered an auspicious metal and a source of positive energy. Brass figurines, like Buddha statues, can bring a peaceful ambience into your home. Choose from our exclusive collection of brass statues. They are available in different finishes and embellishments, from high gloss to coloured embellishments. We also have decorative lamps that can be used for indoor and outdoor decor. 

buddha statue
Buddha statue

Wooden artefacts—Wooden items add an air of rustic charm to interiors. A wooden chessboard in your living room can instantly bring a vintage air to an interior with a neutral theme. Colourful wooden figures can brighten up even the dullest corners of a living area. Choose from our wooden artefacts, including colourful traditional puppets and beautifully embellished elephants. Our set of coasters made of wood and decorated with coloured stones can liven up any dining area. 

Metallic decor items—Metallic decorative items can add to a home’s aesthetic value. A metallic lotus-shaped T-light holder can bring beauty with sturdiness. Divine Harmony Tibetan singing bowls can be decorative and functional home items. Flower-shaped metallic hooks can add a touch of elegance to your foyer.  


Interior decor is all about creating the right ambience for you and those who visit you. If you want your home to look as unique as you do, decorate it with handmade home decor items. These will add an ethnic appeal to your interiors.  

At Lali’s Kart, we have a collection of authentic handicraft items that can uplift any home’s decor. Choose from our carefully crafted items, which can transform the ambience within your living space.

Our products feature vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and timeless appeal. They are manufactured using ancient skills and natural raw materials and add an aura of exotic elegance to your home. 

You can find these and more in the exclusive collection at Lali’s Kart, from wooden artefacts to brass effigies. To view our extensive range of handicraft home decor items, visit us at https://www.laliskart.com/collections/handicrafts/

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