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Bring India into Singapore homes - home decor with Indian handicrafts 

Are you a homeowner in Singapore looking to re-decorate? Catch up with the latest trend in Singapore’s interior design scene - Home decor with Indian handicrafts and handmade decor items. It offers the ultimate intermixing of tradition with contemporary design. Explore a whole new way of getting Indian vibes into your homes in Singapore - Indian handmade home decor items. 

From intricate artefacts to flawlessly crafted unique furniture pieces…Lali’s Kart brings you pieces that are not just home decor items but become signature pieces, that spark conversations and turn heads in your Singapore home. 

The charisma of Indian handicrafts - Only those with a penchant to stand out in the crowd understand the true appeal of a handmade home decor item which is unmatched by goods that are mass-produced. Handmade home decor items declare individuality and craftsmanship. Each of the home decor items available on Lali’s Kart has been meticulously created to produce pieces with intricate designs and patterns. Choose from our set of coasters made of wood and embellished with coloured stones or our elaborately carved brass Buddha statues.  Each of these carefully crafted handicraft items will shift the ambience within your living or work space.  

Get a taste of India’s cultural heritage: Handicrafts have been an inherent part of India’s ancestry which spans across centuries. The artistic traditions in India are as unique as the diversity in the country itself. When shopping for handicraft items for home decor in Singapore, choose from the wide range offered by Lali’s Kart with their vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and timeless appeal. Made using natural raw materials and traditional methods, it is time to add a touch of exotic elegance to your home decor in Singapore. 

Traditional handicrafts that blend with contemporary interior design: The Indian handicraft and home decor items offered on Lali’s Kart can blend into any kind of an interior design in Singapore homes. These handmade home decor items are as versatile in their use as in their appearance. Whether your Singapore home’s decor is minimalistic or has a bohemian vibe, our handmade home decor items blend seamlessly with any kind of interior design. For instance,  a set of hand made wooden coasters designed with colourful stones can add a pop of colour to a neutral-toned table setting, while a hand-carved brass Buddha statue can create a focal point in a contemporary living room. Let your home in Singapore be a true reflection of your personality and style with our home decor items. 

Authentic to the core - The USP of our handicraft items is their authenticity. Each item is handcrafted by skilled artisans from India. Since these home decor items are all handmade, no two pieces are alike. So when you buy home decor items from Lali’s Kart you are truly buying something unique and different. Each purchase helps in supporting local indian artisans and ethical brands which go a long way in keeping traditional art from dying out. So it is time to get home decor items that not only upgrade your home in Singapore but help you be socially responsible. 

Environment friendly home decor items: If you are looking for home decor items that are sustainable and help in preserving the environment, our home decor items are the ultimate answer. All the home decor items are handmade using natural raw materials that have been locally and ethically sourced. With increasing awareness about our role in environment preservation, more and more homeowners in Singapore are opting for home decor items that are aesthetically pleasing yet kind to the environment. So if you are looking for inspiration for your home decor, shop today from our exquisite collection of Indian handicrafts and handmade home decor items on Lali’s Kraft.  

At Lali’s Kraft shopping for home decor items is as easy as one click. Simply select the home decor items you like and they will be delivered right to your home anywhere in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

While shopping online for handmade home decor items and Indian handicrafts, it is but natural to have some queries. Here are some questions our customers in Singapore ask us frequently while shopping for home decor items online: 

Currently Singapore is seeing a rising inclination towards using Indian handicrafts items for decorating home interiors. Some of the trending home decor items include handmade items, Indian handicrafts, unique brass statues, wooden artefacts, and sustainable furniture pieces. These items add a touch of personality and charm to living spaces.

You can incorporate handmade items into your home decor by using handmade items and Indian handicrafts like statues, lamps, silverware and other artisanal pieces. These items bring a sense of authenticity and warmth into your indoors. 

The vibrant colours, intricate designs and timeless appeal of Indian handicrafts is making them gain popularity in home decor ideas in Singapore. They add an exotic touch and cultural richness to home decor, making spaces more visually appealing and unique.

We at Lali’s Kart offer authentic and traditional Indian handicrafts that are handmade by local artists using traditional methods. Our listed items are supported by customer reviews and detailed product descriptions.

By blending traditional home decor items with contemporary furnishing Indian handicrafts can merge beautifully into any theme of interior decor.. For example, you can pair a colourful jaipuri rajai (quilt) from Lali’s Kart as a throw on a neutral sleek sofa or incorporate a stone encrusted brass Buddha statue as a statement piece in a minimalist setting of a living room.

Handmade home decor items are made of sustainable raw materials. These are crafted using traditional methods and organic raw materials. That makes them more sustainable than mass-produced home decor items. 

Handmade items into home decor add a personal touch, uniqueness, and traditional craftsmanship to living spaces. They add a dash of culture and tradition into a home especially in modern cities like Singapore. 

All Lali’s Kraft items are handmade with intricate workmanship. The raw materials used by our artisans to create these handcrafted home decor items are organically and ethically sourced. This ensures that the products are high in quality and appearance. 

With an ever growing emphasis on sustainability in the home decor industry in Singapore, more and more people are opting for eco-friendly and ethically sourced items for home decor. 

In order to create a cohesive home decor scheme, start by selecting a colour palette or theme that complements both handmade items and Indian handicrafts. To create a harmonious balance of traditional craftsmanship and modern contemporary design, mix and match textures, patterns and styles. Experiment with using different pieces to add depth and visual interest to your home decor.