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Brass Buddha Statues - Where aesthetics meet serenity 

A brass Buddha statue is the ultimate representation of achieving inner peace through the process of introspection. The symbolism of these statues has increased the demand for these brass Buddha statues across the world. And with that has grown the need to make these symbols of serene inner peace easily available and accessible to all through online stores. 

At Laliskart Singapore we have a huge collection of brass Buddha statues in different poses and with glossy and multicolour stone encrusted finishes. You will be spoilt for choice from our wide range of brass Buddha statues which have been specially crafted in India. And, all these are available at your fingertips with the single click of your mouse wherever you are based in Singapore. 

All the brass Buddha Statues at Lali’s Kart Singaore are made using the best quality Brass. Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen from India using traditional techniques, making each brass Buddha statue you own truly different and one of its kind. 

All the brass Buddha Statues ordered through Laliskart Singapore are sure to be a conversation starter with their exquisite detailing and high quality finish and lustre. 

Meanings and significance of Buddha Statues

All the brass Buddha statues ordered through Laliskart Singapore are not only high in aesthetic value but each pose of the brass Buddha statues also imply different connotations. 

Here is a brief description of what different brass Buddha statues mean:

Protection Buddha - This brass Buddha statue is depicted with a seated Buddha whose right hand is raised and is facing outwards. This brass Buddha statue implies courage, offering protection from anger, delusion and fear. 

Meditation/Serenity/Calming Buddha - This Buddha statue is one of Lali’s Kart’s best sellers in Singapore. This statue shows Lord Buddha in a state of quiet meditation. It is generally placed in prayer rooms or meditation corners in homes and work spaces. 

Calling the Earth to Witness/ Earth Touching Buddha - In this pose, the Buddha statue is depicted as sitting with the legs crossed, the left hand placed in the lap and the right hand pointing to the ground with the palm turned inwards to face the Buddha. This posture defines the moment Buddha attained his enlightenment. 

If you are in Singapore and looking to buy Buddha statues online, order yours now on Lali’s Kart and bring in a feeling of enlightenment into your living or work spaces.  

The Nirvana/ Reclining Buddha - This Buddha statue shows him lying down with his head resting on his right hand which is on top of a resting table. This statue depicts Nirvana. Order your Reclining Buddha statue today on Lali’s Kart and get it delivered to your home in Singapore. 

Medicine Buddha - You can buy this Medicine Buddha brass Statue at Lali’s Kart in Singapore. The brass Buddha statue is depicted as being seated with upturned right palm facing downwards with fingers extending towards the ground. The left hand is resting on the lap holding a bowl of herbs. 

This brass Buddha statue augurs good health. At Lali’s kart we can have this medicine Buddha statue delivered to you anywhere in Singapore with a single click. 

There are many versions of Buddha statues available online. But when you want authentic brass Buddha statues in Singapore that are high in quality, order yours online today on Laliskart. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Each brass Buddha statue has its own interpretation. Selecting the right brass Buddha statue attracts positive Chi (vital life force) into the environment that it is place in. There are also certain things that you need to keep in mind while installing dos and don’t that need to be followed while installing Buddha statues at home or working spaces. Following these guidelines will ensure that the space that you place your Buddha statue in is inundated with positivity: 

  • Placing a blessing brass Buddha statue at the entrance of your home keeps disruptive elements and bad Chi at bay. 
  • When a reclining brass Buddha statue is placed facing west, it  encourages internal harmony. 
  • A meditating brass Buddha statue should be placed at an altar. It brings in an aura of peace and serenity. 
  • Praying brass Buddha statues are the most ideal statues for being placed in a prayer/ meditation room or altar. 
  • Placing an outdoor brass Buddha statue near a water source or near  flowering plants represents rejuvenation and spiritual growth. 

No matter what your need, order the best quality brass Buddha statues in Singapore online only at Laliskart. 

Brass Buddha statues are fairly easy to maintain. Ensure that it is wiped with a clean cloth regularly to prevent dust and dirt from settling into the carvings or embellishments on the statue. Always use gentle cleansers and avoid using harsh liquid cleaners. You can also use brass polish occasionally to keep your Buddha statue lustrous as new.

In Singapore, if you are looking to buy high quality and affordable brass Buddha statues you must buy them online. Not only will you find a great variety but when you order from websites like Lali’s Kart you get guaranteed best quality, authentic and exquisitely designed statues. 

Yes. Brass is considered to be an auspicious metal and brass Buddha statues are believed to bring positivity and good luck. 

 Yes, you can place your order online for the medicine Buddha statue made of brass at Lali’s Kart Singapore. 

Yes, Buddha statues make for an ideal gift for all occasions. You can also send a Buddha statue to a loved one in Singapore through Laliskart. You can shop from our exclusive collection of Buddha statues and get them delivered anyway in Singapore. 

While buying your brass Buddha statue in Singapore ensure that it is from a reliable seller. In Singapore, ordering these statues online on Lali’s Kart guarantees the authenticity of quality as they are made of high quality brass . Their finish and lustre will last for years. 

Yes, it is believed that brass Buddha statues that are placed keeping the following rules in mind bring in maximum positivity:

  • Always place them on a raised platform 
  • They should not be placed in bathrooms
  • When placing a brass Buddha statue outside, ensure that it faces towards your home and is not turned away from it.  
  • If placing it at an entrance, it should face the people entering the house.
  • If placing it inside a room, it should be facing the room. 

Yes they do! Singapore is a mixing pot of a variety of people who follow different religions. Buddhism is followed by a large majority of people living in Singapore. At Lali’s Kart you can purchase high quality Buddha statues online in Singapore.