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Whether your vibe is minimalistic or luxurious, no interior home décor design is complete without a figurine of Buddha. The ultimate symbol of serene contemplation, a brass Buddha statue is more than a mere decorative handicrafts item. If you are a homeowner in Canada who wants nothing but the best for your home decor, you will find the perfect collection of brass Buddha statues at Lali's Kart. 

Why brass Buddha Statues

When you use brass Buddha statues in your Canada home you are inviting a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in your living space. These handicraft statues not only look elegant, they also balance energies within your home. At Lali's Kart our collection of brass Buddha statues are all exquisitely crafted by hand. Skilled artists from India use traditional techniques, that have been handed down over generations, to carve these statues out of the highest quality brass. Since all the brass Statues are handcrafted, no two statues are absolutely alike. This ensures 

that brass Buddha statue you buy is indeed unique while bringing in a hint of Indian tradition

into your home in Canada. 

Brass Buddha statues are now readily available for delivery right to your homes in Canada. Simply visit our website and select the statues of your choice and place your order. Your brass Buddha statue will be delivered right to the doorstep of your Canada home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brass is considered to be an auspicious metal in many cultures. It is believed to have properties that cleanse the energy of the atmosphere it is placed in. Buddha statues, on the other hand, signify stillness of mind and serenity in the soul. So, handicraft items like Buddha statues made of brass are deemed to create an aura of positivity, calm and peace in the living spaces where these statues are kept.

All the statues available on Lali’s Kart are made up of high-quality brass. We have Buddha statues that are made up purely of brass with a very high luster gold finish, Our second range of brass Buddha statues are embellished with stones and are hand painted in exquisite colours.

Brass Buddha statues are believed to be very auspicious in their presence and spirit. This makes them very ideal for gifting. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, house warming, birthday, retirement gift … No matter what the occasion, gifting a brass Buddha statue will augur good luck and optimism into the lives of your near and dear ones. Lali’s Kart delivers orders all over Canada.

Each and every piece of the brass Buddha statues available at Lali’s Kart has been exclusively handcrafted. The artisans making these statues use traditional methods and techniques which is the essential trademark of these brass figurines. Each brass statue is then finished in a very high gold luster that lasts for a very long time. Some brass Buddha statues are embellished with coloured stones and beadwork while the others are hand painted in exquisite colours and designs. Each brass Buddha statue available online is unique, making what you own genuinely one of its kind in Canada.

Pure brass is a fairly sturdy metal to use and requires only a minimum level of maintenance. You can ensure the longevity of your brass Buddha statues by following the basic care methods:

  • Dust can dull the brightness of your brass Buddha statue. Clean your brass Buddha statues regularly with a soft cloth like a microfibre duster to prevent any dust from getting into the embellishments or carvings on your statue.
  • You should clean your brass Buddha statue with only mild, natural cleansers. You can make this natural cleanser at home in Canada by mixing one teaspoon of lemon juice with half cup of vinegar and a little bit of flour to make a paste. Rub this onto the brass statue and leave it for 10 minutes. Then rinse and buff dry.
  • Avoid using harsh cleansers like regular home cleaners and sprays as the chemicals in them will react with the brass and leave permanent stains.
  • If you are going away for long or storing away your brass Buddha statue then ensure that it is covered well with a soft cloth to avoid any damage from moisture, dust and scratches.
  • To maintain the luster of brass Buddha statues with gold finish, at regular intervals clean them with a brass cleaner.

These handicrafts can be used anywhere in your house. They can be used as a statement piece in your living room, or placed on an altar in the prayer or meditation corner of your house. They can be placed near the entrance surrounded by green living plants. You can make your foyer look more inviting by placing it next to your key holder. There are some pointers that you do need to keep in mind while placing your brass Buddha statues around the house:

  • Since they are auspicious items, brass Buddha statues should always be placed at a height and never directly on the ground.
  • They should never be placed in washrooms 
  • When you place a brass Buddha statue at your entrance, it should be facing towards the visitors entering the house and when using it as a home decor piece, the statue should look into the room.

. Since brass Buddha statues are believed to alter the energies of their surroundings, ensure that they are kept in places where there is energy flow. They should never be kept in closed places or wardrobes.

While brass is a fairly sturdy metal, constant exposure to external elements can make it tarnished and lose its luster faster. This does not mean that you cannot use these statues in your patio or garden. You can safely use your brass Buddha statues in the outdoors of your Canada home by following the tips given below:

  • Try to keep the Buddha within a sheltered spot like inside a hollowed-out space in the wall or inside a sheltered structure like a Gazebo.
  • Keep it away from a place so that it is not directly exposed to harsh natural elements in Canada like rain and snow. If you are placing your brass Buddha statue outdoors, then ensure that it is placed in such a way that it can be moved to a sheltered area in extreme weather conditions.
  • Clean and polish your brass Buddha statue frequently if it is kept outdoors.

At Lali’s Kart we only feature handicraft items like brass Buddha statues that are handcrafted out of high-quality brass. To assure you of the authenticity of the items, each brass Buddha statue carries a detailed product description having details like the raw materials used, area of origin, weight etc. Along with that we provide customer reviews and clear pictures of the product from every angle.