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Brass Buddha statues in HongKong- Blending tradition with design

Hong Kong with its world renowned statue of The Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha of Hong Kong, has a long history of Buddha statues. Now blending this tradition with modern design ideas, using brass Buddha for interior decor is very much in vogue.  Along with being aesthetically pleasing, brass Buddha statues are supposed to bring in positive energy, establishing a sense of tranquility in the spaces they are used in. 

Lali’s Kart offers brass Buddha statues made of pure and high quality brass that are durable and long lasting. These low maintenance brass Buddha statues make for popular additions in homes in Hong Kong. 

Our brass statues are versatile pieces that are available in different sizes, postures and finishes. No matter what your Hong Kong home requires, Lali’s Kart offers a piece that matches your needs.

How to use brass Buddha statues at homes in Hong Kong?

  1. As a statement piece - You can use your brass buddha statue as a statement piece by placing it in a prominent space like the entrance to your Hong Kong home or the living room. Placing it conspicuously will make it an object of attention and serve as a conversation started in social get togethers at your home. 
  2. On bookshelves - If you are fond of reading and have a huge collection of books in your home, you can use smaller sized brass Buddha statues as bookends and instantly lend an air of elegance to your collection in your home at Hong Kong. 
  3. As an interior decor item - Brass Buddha statues can also be paired with other interior decor items to create a beautiful nook. For instance, if you live in apartments in Hong Kong you can place a brass Buddha statue in your balcony among your plants and instantly make a display that is chic and harmonious. 
  4. In your prayer/ meditation corner - Hong Kong has a great affinity towards the practice of meditation with many meditation centers sprouting up all over the city. You can create your own meditation corner in your Hong Kong home by strategically placing a brass Buddha statue and design your own area of introspection. 

How to maintain brass Buddha statues in Hong Kong?

Brass Buddha statues require very little maintenance. With regular dusting with a soft cloth, cleaning with gentle cleansers, avoiding harsh chemicals, storing it in a thin cloth when putting it away and regular polishing using brass cleaner will retain the luster and beauty of your brass Buddha statue for years.


Frequently Asked Questions

All brass Buddha statues available on Lali’s Kart are made out of high grade brass. These handcrafted statues are featured along with a detailed product description that gives you all the details like the base material used for making the statue, the place where it was made in India, the weight of the final product and dimensions of the statue. In addition to this, high quality pictures are uploaded of the statue clicked from all angles so that you can closely scrutinize the piece you select like you would in an offline store. You can also go through our customer reviews given by customers who have bought and used these statues.

Our delivery partners provide delivery service all over Hong Kong. Once you have confirmed your order, your brass Buddha statue will be dispatched to your home in Hong Kong within 3-5 days of your order.

Lali’s Kart is the best place to shop for authentic brass Buddha statues online in Hong Kong. At Lali’s Kart we offer a wide range of brass Buddha statues from plain brass ones to statues embellished with multicolored stones on a gold and black background. We also offer different poses of authentic brass Buddha statues like medicine Buddha and Resting/ thinking Buddha.  

While there are no strict rules about placing a brass Buddha statue in a living or working space, there are some tips that can be kept in mind while you place a brass Buddha statue in your home in HongKong:

  1. Since it is an auspicious item it should be placed with respect at an elevated surface at eye level. 
  2. It should be placed in a place with energy flow like in a living room where there is a lot of movement and never kept in a wardrobe or closed unlit areas. 
  3. When placing a brass Buddha statue at your entrance, keep it facing towards the entrance way as then it is believed to bring in good luck. 

So whether it is for your home or for gifting to a near and dear one living in Hong Kong, order today from our exclusive collection of Brass Buddha statues on Lali’s Kart.