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Want your living room Instaready?  Add charm and character with handcrafted decorative items. 

A home is an extension of our personality. A living room is the first space you see when you enter a home. When it comes to creating a certain vibe, home decor, especially using decorative items for the living room, plays a very crucial role. The way you decorate your living room using creative decorative items,  is a way to display your personality. Since each one of us is unique it is natural for us to want the pieces we use to be unique as well. And nothing matches the elegance and rustic charm of handicraft decorative items. Each handicraft item used as a decorative item is crafted by skilled artisans who use traditional methods to create contemporary pieces that can transform the look of your living room. 

Lali's Kart offers an entire range of exquisitely created handicraft items and decorative items for your living room which are sourced directly from India. 

 Browse through our unique collection of decorative items for your living room and avail our latest offers. We have decorative items to suit every taste, budget and size of living room. Set up the living room of your dreams with decorative handicraft items from Lali's Kart. 

Why use Toran for home decoration? 

Entrance way to a home holds great significance for households. It doesn’t just open up your living room but your world for others. Torans are decorative items that were traditionally made of marigold flowers and mango leaves to decorate entrances and living rooms, especially on festive occasions. 

In addition to making the entrance and living rooms beautiful, using these decorative items brings in good luck and positivity, welcoming visitors with warmth into your homes. At Lali’s Kart you can choose from our wide range of exquisite and exclusive handmade Torans.  As traditional items, Torans bring in good luck and as decorative items they bring in aesthetic appeal to your living rooms. 

At Lali’s Kart we offer metallic torans as well as embellished toran. Our Golden metal toran, handmade by craftsmen from the vibrant state of Rajasthan in India, with its intricate work and golden lustre can add glitz to any home.  

Our embellished toran, made up of beautiful delicate beads and intricate ‘Meenakari’ (enamelling work), is a decorative item that augurs positivity into a living room. Brought to you from the ‘Pink city’ of Jaipur, India this toran is  sure to be an eye catcher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use handicrafts decorative items to do up your living room. Choose from our extensive range of handmade decorative items at Lali’s Kart to accentuate your living space.

Living room is the first space in your home that any visitor sees. The way you decorate a living room speaks volumes about your taste and your personality. A brass incense burner can add a hint of heritage to a room with a contemporary setting. 

There are various points that you need to consider before you decide upon a decorative item for your living room. 

  • Theme – You must keep in mind the overall theme of the room. While a contrasting decorative item can be the centre of attention in a room, it must hold together the entire theme. For example in a room with a minimalist setting instead of a garish decorative item, you can elevate the space by opting for a brass Buddha statue embellished with multicoloured stones. 
  • Space available – An oversized decorative item will make any room look tiny and cluttered. Similarly too small an item will not be visible. So selecting the right size as per the space available is crucial.
  • Personal taste  – Any decorative item that you choose should reflect your personal taste. This will help you create a truly personalised living room. 
  • High quality – The items you use to decorate your living room should be well crafted and of high quality. This will add a dash of elegance and refinement to your living room. 

You can choose from various items like brass statues, wooden furniture items, furnishings in vibrant shades and hand work, brass lamps and vases, tableware in silver and brass etc. You can find all these and more on Lali’s Kraft at reasonable prices. 

Handcrafted decorative items are the best for your living room because they add a touch of uniqueness to a living room. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, you will also be promoting the skills of an artisan while using items that are environment friendly and sustainable.