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Exquisite Indian handcrafted home decor items in Malaysia

Are you a homeowner in Malaysia looking for exquisite home decor items to re-do your home? Lali’s Kart offers perfect home re-decor solutions with its beautiful and unique collection. These home decor items can add charm and elegance to your homes in Malaysia. With a wide variety of handmade items and Indian handicrafts, we have something for everyone. 

At Lali’s Kart our collection includes home decorative items that serve the purpose of being decorative as well as functional. These home decor items, most of which are exclusively handmade, in addition to being a statement piece in your living area can add character to your home in Malaysia. We at Lali’s Kart offer one of the largest collections of Indian handicrafts for home decor in Malaysia.  

Handmade exclusive pieces

The most attractive feature about our collection is that our home decor collection is exclusively made up of handmade items. These handmade items are diligently crafted by skilled artisans from India. They use traditional methods and techniques to work on the intricate detailing to produce fine art pieces to be used as home decor items for our customers in Malaysia with an eclectic taste. 

So, whether you are looking to make a style statement with your living room or want to add an elegant accent to your bedroom in your home in Malaysia, Lali’s Kart’s collection of handmade home decor items is the ultimate stop.

Unique and Sustainable home decor items

As our collection of home decor items and Indian handicrafts is entirely handmade, no two items are the same. Thus, every piece you own is going to be unique and truly one-of-a-kind. Since only naturally available raw materials are used in making these home decor items, these Indian handicrafts and hand made items are sustainable and environment friendly making them perfect for your lifestyle in Malaysia. 

A Reflection of the Rich Indian Heritage

If you want your home in Malaysia to reflect the rich cultural heritage of India, Lali’s Kart offers the most authentic collection of home decor items for your home. Each home decor item reflects the unmatched artistry of India’s traditional craftsmen. Whether it is our furnishings in vivid shades, our colourful wood carved statues or our brass statues…each home decor item brings with it a rich flavour of India.  

Truly global Indian appeal 

Though all of Lali’s Kart home decor items are made using traditional indian methods, you will find that they are global in their appeal and will find the perfect spot in your home in Malaysia. So if you want to bring India into your home in Malaysia by adding accents of traditional Indian designs or want to make your home decor have that global touch, the home decor items at Lali’s Kraft make the perfect choice. 

Aesthetically pleasing, functionally perfect

If you are looking to upgrade your regular table settings then our collection of silverware, brassware and ethnically crafted wooden coasters would really be conversation starters the next time you have people over for dinner! These pieces, while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, are at the same time perfectly functional. Our collection of home decor items suit every taste from the minimalist to the lavish. Our home decor items are pieces that are a unique mix of modern design and traditional technique. Only at Lali’s Kart will you find home decor items that are made traditionally and used modernly. So the next time you want to shop online for home decor items in Malaysia visit Lali’s Kart.

Quality of service 

At Lali’s Kart we offer high quality home decor items as well as high quality customer service. With our timely deliveries you can have every type of authentic Indian handicraft or handmade home decor items you need and love, delivered right to your homes, wherever you live in Malaysia. Our easy return and replacement policy adds to this unique shopping experience you will love !

The beauty and high quality of our home decor items make them ideal for gifting, no matter what the occasion. This wedding or festive season, don’t just give a gift item to your loved ones, but rather gift a hint of India that can light up their homes in Malaysia. 

So visit Lali’s Kart today and explore our extensive collection of home decor items to elevate the living experience in your homes in Malaysia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Indian handicrafts make for the most ideal home decor items and will find a perfect place in homes in Malaysia. You can choose from the wide range of handmade home decor items available on Lali’s Kart. If you are looking for a statement piece for your living room choose from our collection of wooden and brass statues which have been handcrafted to perfection. Add a dash of vibrancy to your neutral bedroom with a choice of vivid handmade items like quilts. Rehash the look of your table setting with our wooden coasters decorated with multicoloured stones or our exquisite set of bowls in silver and brass. The options of home decor ideas using Indian handicrafts are unlimited. 

Indian handicrafts are exclusive and truly unique. At Lali’s Kart we also ensure that the finest of the home decor items we offer online are affordable as well and we have something to suit every pocket. 

Since all the handmade home decor items available on Lali’s Kart are made using natural raw materials they are quite durable and majority of the items can withstand the hot and humid climate of places like Malaysia. To maintain your home decor items just regularly dust them with a soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners and protect items made with brass from too much exposure to moisture to prevent tarnishing. With just basic care tips your handmade home decor item will not only retain its beauty like the first day you bought it, but will also last for years. 

Lali’s Kraft offers only authentic Indian handicrafts and handmade home decor items in Malaysia. With every home decor item you pick up from our website, rest assured that it would be made from the best quality raw materials by skilled craftsmen in India. Our items are backed by positive customer reviews of our users in Malaysia and other countries. We also provide a detailed product description of all the handmade home decor items or Indian handicrafts that are available on our website, giving details of the raw materials used.  

All the Indian handicraft items and handmade home decor items featured on Lali’s Kart are made using only all natural raw materials. These raw materials are not just natural, they are also ethically sourced. This makes all the handmade home decor items on our website not just environment friendly but also sustainable. 

So explore the curated collection on Lali’s Kart and send a beautiful handcrafted brass Buddha statue to your dear and loved ones anywhere in Malaysia. 

Lali’s Kart features a wide variety of Indian handicrafts ranging from furnishings to home decor, from jewellery to special items from the holy city of Vrindavan. We also have a special segment for gifting where you can select the kind of gift as per the occasion.